In the historical bullion category, the Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins are among the most popular gold coins ever minted anywhere in the world. Because of their appealing portrayal of history, these exquisite pieces find an engaging following not only in Europe, but also much beyond the cultured continental public. They date back to the late 1800s. The easy-on-the-eyes Swiss craftsmanship and design of the partial ounce gold coins make them a pleasure to look at. These coins have remained among the most popular international gold coins for investors and collectors alike, containing roughly a quarter of an ounce of gold and featuring iconic portraiture.

Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins Background and History

Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins

Switzerland is a name that conjures up images of neutrality, stability, and wealth. Because of its long-standing record of backing up its steady as a rock currency with vast amounts of gold bullion reserves, the country has remained as a stronghold of independence, economic strength, and financial prudence since its formation by the Congress of Vienna in 1815. This coin is the pinnacle of the coveted and highly profitable gold-backing procedure.

Helvetia is a modern-day area in western Switzerland, but it once included the entire country and its peoples during the formidable old Roman Empire. In the year 58 B.C., Julius Caesar, the “first among equals,” brought the territory of the Helvetii into the Roman Empire’s fold of civilisation. Until the beginning of the 1800s, this barbarian tribal name was the primary identification for the territory and its inhabitants. The Helvetian Republic was established when Napoleon extended his brief dominion over the country. Following Napoleon’s dramatic loss at Waterloo, the Congress of Vienna, which redrew Europe’s map, recognised Switzerland’s autonomous tendencies and renamed the country to its current nomenclature. Since then, the country has carefully avoided all foreign hostilities, including the First and Second World Wars, which were vital for the country and its people.

The national Swiss government struck all of these lovely golden Vreneli Helvetias in the one and only Swiss National Mint in Bern. They were first issued between 1897 and 1936, then reissued in 1947 and 1949. Because to the catastrophic impact of the Great Depression, manufacture of these “Swiss Miss” coins ceased in 1936. Because of their collectable popularity around the world, these historical and beloved global gold bullion pieces have become substantially more valuable than their gold content in current times. Premiums on these coins have been as high as 25% over spot gold prices in the past, though this has declined to less than 10% in recent years. All of these beautiful Swiss Vreneli gold coins are legal currency in all of Switzerland’s cantons (provinces) for 20 Swiss Francs.

Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins Physical Characteristics

All of the Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins have a purity of 90% gold. In 1879, twenty-nine unusual individual pieces made of dazzling Gondo-sourced Valasan gold were minted ahead of the main series. The tiny cross struck amidst the Swiss cross located on the coin’s reverse distinguishes these issues from the rest.

Coin Design

In numismatics, the “obverse” refers to the coin’s front side. The Vreneli bust appears on the obverse of Swiss Vreneli Coins. This charming Swiss Miss is based on Swiss mythology and culture. She has braided hair and a gorgeous flower garland on her head. The design is wonderfully detailed, and it appears against an unrivalled Swiss Alpine setting. The name of the country “HELVETIA” floats above her head.

The back side of coins is referred to as the “reverse” by coin collectors all around the world. The famous Swiss shield is overlaid over an oak branch whose leaves are embellished with knotted ribbons on the reverses of Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins. On the reverse of the coin, the face value of 20 FR and the date of mintage appear alongside the “B” mint mark.


All of the various years of issue of the Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins contain almost a fifth of an ounce of pure gold at .1867 ounces. Their specifications are:

  • Mass: 6.4516 grams
  • Diameter: 21 mm
  • Thickness:  1.4 mm
  • Content: 0.1867 oz. gold
  • Purity: 90.0% gold

Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins Pricing

Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins were created in the country with a face value of 20 Swiss Francs. Within Switzerland, they have always been and will continue to be legal tender. The face value is substantial, but it does not correspond to the coin’s actual value of several hundred dollars. This is due to the fact that their intrinsic worth is mostly determined by the spot price of gold, making them far more valuable than their face value suggests. The actual market value of these magnificent items is determined by global gold prices as well as available supply and demand levels. Supply is limited, but demand is rising in tandem with global economic upheaval and geopolitical issues. It’s safe to assume that these Vreneli coins will never longer be produced.

The fair market pricing for Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins are determined by this inherent value. These market prices are what determine the value of portfolios that incorporate coins. Such coins have traditionally carried a healthy premium above gold spot prices. This is due to the fact that they are both collectible and historically significant. The premium helps the mint recoup the costs of manufacture and distribution associated with releasing the coins. The genuine market worth of these gold bullion gems fluctuates with the varying value of gold every day of market trade. By visiting our official homepage, you can quickly determine the current gold price.

Can IRA Accounts Contain Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins?

The ability of these Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins to participate in IRA retirement plans is one of the most often asked questions by retirement investors. Which bullion coins are authorised to be included and held by IRA accounts is entirely up to the discretion of the American tax authorities, the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS strictly enforces a set of rules that fulfil its own stringent purity and collectibility requirements. They also stipulate that you fill such an account with a $5,000 minimum initial purchase of acceptable gold or silver bullion. Later additions can be made for as low as $1,000 in newly issued coins. If you already have a traditional IRA, you may simply roll it over into a self-directed “precious metals” IRA. Your IRA account administrator will secure your approved bullion in an IRS-approved third-party depository once it has been purchased and received. Your precious metals retirement treasure horde is kept safe and secure in these secure vaults.

Unfortunately, IRA account holders are not permitted to keep these magnificent Swiss Vreneli Gold Coins in their accounts. There are two explanations for this. The components aren’t pure enough and aren’t collectible enough. All authorised pieces must have a.995 purity level of gold, according to the IRS. The purity of Swiss Vreneli gold coins is only.900. These coins were also so well-collected from the start that the IRS would never have approved them, despite the fact that they sold for years at a 25% premium above gold spot prices. These bullion gold coins do not meet the IRS’s collectibility and purity rules, thus they cannot be retained in your precious metals IRS retirement account. This has no bearing on their suitability for other types of investment and retirement accounts, particularly now that the premium over spot is more in the neighbourhood of 5%. When you’re ready to buy, you can easily find gold bullion shops and world coin dealers all over the world that stock these ever-popular European gold gems.