20 Francs Swiss Gold Coins are one of the most elegant tiny gold bullion releases. They have a rich and fascinating history that spans nearly 150 years. These coins have represented Swiss sovereignty, independence, financial power, and a gold-backed currency for all of this time. The Swiss National Mint in Bern, Switzerland, has always issued this 20 Franc Helvetia as legal money. The coin’s balance metal composition is copper, which provides durability and strength due to the coin’s 90% gold content.

Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins Background and History

Switzerland is likely to be the only country that everyone knows will continue to exist and prosper in a hundred years. As a result, its gold coins are more valuable than those of any other sovereign country on the planet. The Swiss National Mint has produced two different series of 20 Swiss Franc Gold Coins in modern Swiss history. The second series Vreneli Swiss coins, which were produced from 1897 until 1949, are the more well-known and heavily-minted variety.

In 1886, the first batch of Swiss 20 Francs Gold Coins was introduced. They lasted until 1896, when the first series abruptly terminated. Similarly, the first editions of the coins contained. It weighed 6.45 grammes and contained 1867 ounces of gold. The Vreneli coins, which were a popular bank reserve throughout Europe, were minted in significantly lesser amounts than the preceding series. When compared to the spot price of gold, this is what makes the first series of Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins more expensive than the Series Two Vreneli coins. The legal tender face value is 20 Swiss Francs, which is a substantial number when compared to the gold weight and content, but little in comparison to the value of the precious metals they contain. This face value represents Switzerland’s sovereign guarantee of gold purity, content, and weight.

The Swiss 20 Francs Gold Coins come with a number of benefits. For starters, during the gold standard era, gold coins were used as a bank reserve by banks all over Europe. Because of its reduced size, this coin is more convenient to trade in the event of a paper currency crisis. The coin’s long history has served to establish it as an easy-to-identify gold bullion coin that coin dealers all around the world can promptly price and expect to sell swiftly. These coins have a large following in part because they will not be recalled as bullion gold if the United States decides to recall those bullion issues. Coins made prior to 1933, such as these Swiss Francs, are considered historical and collectible.

Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins

Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins Physical Characteristics

20 Francs Swiss Gold Even during the busiest years of production by the Swiss National Mint in Bern, the first series of coins were minted with comparatively modest mintages, seldom exceeding 400,000 pieces. In several years, fewer than 100,000 of these Swiss jewels were produced. This explains their scarcity and greater price tag than gold coins from series one.

Coin Design

The front side of a coin is known as the “obverse.” The original “Swiss Miss,” as depicted on Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins, is a gorgeous Swiss female. She represents Liberty, with a laureate coronet on her head bearing the phrase “LIBERTAS” and “CONFEDERATIO HELVETICA” flanking her on each side.

The back side of coins is referred to as the “reverse” by coin collectors all around the world. The reverse of Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins features a five-pointed star over a Swiss red cross imprinted on a simple shield inside a wreath design. The inscription 20 FR appears on both sides of this shield. The mintage date appears beneath this shield. The “B” mint mark for Bern can be found beneath the wreath. All type one Swiss 20 Francs Gold Coins manufactured between 1886 and 1896 have this design.


All of the various years of issue for the two series of the Swiss 20 Franc Gold and Vreneli Gold Coins contain almost a fifth of an ounce of pure gold at .1867 ounces. Their specifications are:

  • Mass: 6.4516 grams
  • Diameter: 21.2 mm
  • Thickness:  1.4 mm
  • Content: 0.1867 oz. gold
  • Purity: 90.0% gold

Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins Pricing

20 Francs Swiss Gold The coins had a face value of 20 Swiss Francs, which was quite outstanding. Since their first year of issuance in 1886, these have been legal currency, and they continue to be so today. When compared to the hundreds of dollars in gold contained within the coins, the face value is only symbolic. The daily spot price of gold determines the majority of their intrinsic value. Gold prices, as well as the meeting of supply and demand for these older and more rarer first series mintages, determine the actual worth.

The true market pricing for all Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins are determined by their inherent worth. Market prices supply the coin values for all portfolios that contain them. With a considerable premium over the underlying gold values, these coins are relatively rare in the bullion market. The reason for this is that these are rarer historical and collectible coins. The premium is due in part to the high production and delivery costs that the Swiss National Mint initially faced while minting them. The market value of such diamonds fluctuates daily, mirroring the fluctuating value of gold. By going to our official homepage, you can instantly find out what the current gold price is.

Can IRA Accounts Contain Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins?

The question of whether or not these coins can be included in American IRA retirement plans is crucial. When it comes to determining whether bullion coins can be stored in IRA accounts, the IRS has all the cards. The Internal Revenue Service adheres to its own set of purity and collectibility requirements. They require that you fill a self-directed IRA account with at least $5,000 in sanctioned silver and/or gold bullion before you can fully open the account. Following that, you can make additional gold or silver deposits to your precious metals IRA with as little as $1,000 in certified coins. If you already have a traditional IRA account, you can convert it to a precious metals IRA account fast and easily. You must ensure that your bullion is vaulted by one of the official IRS sanctioned third party depositories within the United States when it is purchased and obtained by the administrator of your IRA retirement plan. For as long as you possess the metals themselves, such secure locations are responsible for inventorying and protecting your precious metals retirement gold and silver holdings on your behalf.

Unfortunately, IRA account holders are unable to purchase or hold such lovely Swiss 20 Francs Gold Coins within their retirement accounts. This is due to two distinct but equally constraining factors. The IRS rejects the 20 Francs pieces on both purity and collectibility grounds. To be accepted for inclusion in an IRA, gold must have a purity of at least.995. The purity of these Swiss Gold 20 Franc Coins is only.900. They’re also highly sought after and trade at a large premium to spot gold prices, making them a big no-no for the IRS when it comes to accepting coins for retirement plans.

Just because you can’t put these magnificent coins in your self-directed IRA account doesn’t mean they aren’t good selections for other types of retirement or investment assets. With premiums over spot down to a more realistic five to ten percent these days, now may be the ideal time in decades to invest in the famed Swiss gold standard to safeguard your financial future. When you’re ready to buy, you may go to almost any world coin dealer or gold bullion store in the world, and they’ll both stock and buy back these ever-popular Swiss Gold 20 Francs Coins series one.