The Israel Tower of David Gold coins are a first in the world, and they’re sure to be collectors items. In 2010 this country introduced its very own gold bullion- Denominated with 20 New Sheqalim on each piece!

Israel Tower Of David Coins Background And History

The Holy Land Mint made a savvy decision when they began to issue this new Bank of Israel backed Jerusalem of Gold series in 2010. They opted for the Royal Dutch Mint strike their first year set with an incredibly restricted mintage – 3,600 coins total; as you might expect by now though all three years have sold out quickly! In each release there are legal tender coins bearing face values between 20 New Sheqalim up until 1/10th ounce (0.05g).

Gold is a precious metal that has been used for thousands of years as both jewelry and currency. Israel’s original gold bullion coins have an impressive purity level – .9999, which means they’re nearly 99% pure! The price tag varies depending on international daily transactions in the market along with premiums over spot-metal prices.

Israel Tower Of David Coins

The new bullion coins were intended to have value both investors and collectors. All of the gold in them has a historic landmark within Jerusalem’s eternal old city-the Tower of David, which appears on each year beginning 2010 with an original box that includes certificates authenticating it as well! The design team also created designs for other events such as coronations or anniversaries so they could be valued equally by different groups; these special issues come at varying values from $25 up depending upon their importance but all are backed by guaranteed weight (meaning if you buy one then your purchase should equal exactly what is printed).

Israel Tower of David Coins Physical Characteristics

Coin Design

The obverse of coins is the side with the picture. Israel Tower of David, an ancient world stronghold built to strengthen defenses in 2nd century BC and containing phrases from Hebrew (language), Israeli English “Jerusalem,” face value 20 new sheqalim along with “1 Oz Fine Gold .9999.” The Star Of David represents mint mark for this country’s currency – Israel! This design on the obverse changes with each year’s new and varied theme.

The reverse side of a coin is its opposite, not shown to the public. The Lion of Megiddo symbolizes Israel for many years and comes from an ancient seal found at one time in Jordan River Valley dating back 8 centuries BC; it was property Shema official who worked under Jeroboam II as king over Judah/Israel.

The lion has been the symbol of royalty and power for centuries. It’s no surprise that it also serves as an important political figure, appearing on currency from around the world including Israeli coins which have graced our wallets since 1978! The Lion King’s face sits atop a shield with emblems representing both Jordan (the red), Judah (blue) & Jerusalem itself; all three sides are written in English along with Hebrew or Arabic script depending if you’re looking at this through Jewish eyes or not–and atop them all is what I would call “The Emblem” because there really isn’t much else worth mentioning here since everything just sorta becomes clear after seeing every detail put together so beautifully like.

Israel Tower Of David Coins


With .9999 gold fineness, the Israeli Tower of David gold coins are among the purest in the world. Their specifications are:

  • Mass:  1 troy ounce
  • Diameter: 32 mm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Purity: 99.99% gold

Israel Tower of David Coins Pricing

Israelis are in love with their Gold Israeli Tower of David coins. The face value is 20 new sheqalim, but these beautiful pieces have an intrinsic worth substantially higher than what’s printed on them! The market price for such a coin depends largely upon the current spot gold rate and some supply-demand dynamics.

The Tower of David coin has an incredible intrinsic value that sets it apart from other coins. This is what makes up the market values and prices for these gold bullion investments, which can be used in a portfolio or retirement account to add diversity alongside stocks and bonds. The collectible nature also contributes greatly; along with its tiny mintage comes high demand among collectors who want them as well! Production costs help justify such substantial premiums over spot price when investing your hard-earned money into valuable assets like this one – making sure you’re getting top bang-for-your buck without scrimping on quality by saving half penny here or there because we all know how quick inflation gets around town.

Can IRA Accounts Contain Israel Tower of David Coins?

Precious metals IRAs can hold bullion coins that meet a high standard of both purity and collectability. To start your account, you must first make at least $5k in approved precious metal bars or coins (or more).

If you are a part of the military and have an approved uniform allowance ( Uniform Allowance ) which allows for pre-paid credit cards, consider opening up your own self directed IRA account. This will not only allow all income from this card to go towards investing in gold coins but also gives investors access into precious metals IRAs without having any minimum balance requirements or annual fees attached!

In order become eligible with these services there needs be two things: 1) You must already possess some type funds 2) Have been accepted by IRS depository vaults as holding reliable storage devices.

Israel Tower Of David Coins

Though they are beautiful and highly sought after pieces, the Israeli Tower of David gold coins may not be a part of your precious metals IRA. They do surpass the minimum purity standards for an investment with their impressive .9999 fineness – which also means that it’s difficult to find them in stores or even online (?). The IRS considers this type of collectible coin more than just metal since there can only ever be 100 out on circulation at any given time; furthermore its premium over spot prices makes these ultra rare official denominations by Israel government agencies rather then bullion items like most others on offer today?

Israeli Tower of David gold coins are perfect for investors that want to diversify their portfolios. The IBD’s have low mintages, so they won’t be a part of your self directed IRA but you can invest in them through other types investments or retirement funds with no problem at all!

If there is one thing we know how too well its these lads from Israel – They make some very impressive numismatic items; such as this beauty here…