The French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon coins are among the most interesting pieces on offer for collectors. These classic gold coins were minted in 1867 during one of France’s more benevolent dictatorships when it was led by Napoléon III, Bonaparte’s nephew and successor as emperor from 1853-70 (though he reigned under a republic until 1870).

The coin features an image depicting this leader alongside historic symbols like l’escadron or “The squadron,” which symbolized military might; au dessus les noms des bataves : names above those who died fighting against enemies such as Prussia at Worth Field – so called because they stopped there en route to defend Paris upon hearing news about defeat elsewhere).

French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon Coins

French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon Coins Background And History

The story of Napoleon Bonaparte is one filled with tragedy and intrigue. He was born into an unwanted position as heir to the throne, but ended up leading France through some trying times before finally being overthrown in defeat after Waterloo; his breakdown added another layer of complexity for those who knew him well enough not only on a personal level- many had speculated if there might be hidden reasons behind what seemed like heartache at every turn (or maybe just depression).

The nephews were never lucky when it came their legitimacy: Louis became king despite being…well…a King- Nothing about any parts related made sense until you consider how poorly thought out succession plans often can backfire spectacularly!

The French people gave him coronation after only four years of his election as emperor. His subsequent reign won respect for its stability, prosperity and longevity even when he ruled like an autocrat during the Republic’s history-making time period.

The eventual humiliating defeat France suffered at the hands German Prussia eventually brought down Napoleon III; however successful their collaboration was in bringing about peace between those two nations – though not before 20 Francs Gold Napoleons coins were issued with gold content worth 400 full weight ounces or nearly 10kg!

The French 20 Franc Gold coins were the first to bear three dates in their history from 1852-1870. The design of these early pieces bore Arabic numerals and had various engravings that changed over time, including one instance when it was struck with a laurel wreath around Napoleon’s head on his own coinage!

French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon Coins Physical Characteristics

There are three different versions of the famed Napoleon III French Gold 20 Francs coins. These are referred to as Versions I, II, and III.

Coin Design

The obverse (front) of coins has a date and design. Version I is the bust style portrait with Napoleon III’s name written as “LOUIS NAPOLEON BONAPARTE” while under it says: WithVersion II, there are two principal differences inobversetothe coin .

Under his picture Ireporphyhrased HIS new title EMPEREUR AND HIM WEARING A COAT OF ARMS.” The final version premieredin 1861and showcasedNapoleon throneona coatofarms includeda wreath aroundhis head wearingsimilar attire asthe previous versions had been using.

The back side of the coins is always known as “reverse” in world of coins. There are three versions which depicts different values and dates for these French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon coins, each version bearing an inscription on it: REPUBLIQUE FRANCAIS (Version I), EMPIRE FRANCAIS (“II”) ,and Franks coat o farms like what’s depicted here with wreaths surrounding date beneath Winged Victory statue holding onto trident while giving a victory signal with right hand raised up high; third variant also had change from description Republice Frances rather than France stating instead simply Empire de la Grande Nation plus armoirieR.


All three versions of the Gold 20 Francs coins contain almost a fifth of an ounce of pure gold at .1867 ounces. Their specifications are as follows:

  • Mass: 6.4516 grams
  • Diameter: 21 mm
  • Thickness:  1.3 mm
  • Content: 0.1867 oz. gold
  • Purity: 90.0% gold
French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon Coins

French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon Coins Pricing

French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon coins came out as legal tender issues in France. They were prized for their beauty and value, as well they should have been! The face value on these pieces was originally set at 20 Frank but who would now consider spending it only to get back less than what you put into the currency today? It doesn’t make any sense that such beautiful gold can fetch so little nowadays when its true intrinsic worth is much higher – both from current spot prices along with all available supplies plus appropriate levels of demand.

The intrinsic value of a coin determines its market price. Reality means that the French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon coins have an excellent premium over gold spot prices because they’re historical and collectible, bringing intrigued collectors and investors in too!

The premium even results from the significant production costs of minting these coins and floating them into circulation. Actual market value rises or falls each day along with changes in gold prices, but it’s easy to see what that is right now just by navigating over here on our homepage!

Can IRA Accounts Contain French Napoleon Coins?

The Internal Revenue Service is the only organization which can decide whether or not a person qualifies for an IRA retirement account. They set their own criteria on what type of coins are eligible, and how much money needs to be put into them with at least $5K worth being required in qualified bullion items like silver bars or gold Eagles!

A: The USA’s IRS has sole rights over allowing citizens accesses ___their extremely wealthy people if they want. There guidelines concerning ___IRA__accounts state that each one must hold certain minimum values before anyone.

Subsequent purchases can be added for only $1,000 in new approved coin purchases. You’ll never need to worry about losing your investment again with this precious metals IRA! After you’ve purchased and obtained bullion from us, it must stay securely stored at an approved third party depository such as Fort Knox or London Bullion.

Market Association vault – which serve both the purpose of maintaining your retirement assets while also securing them against loss due to fire or theft like so many other types of physical property today are insured against these risks through private insurance companies who provide coverage up until 20 times their original value if another catastrophe happens within that time frame starting after September 10th 2012 when those laws went into effect on our country’s roads.

Unfortunately for IRA account holders, these French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon coins do not meet the minimum 99.5% gold purity that the IRS sets. They only possess .900 fineness of gold–a standard low enough to allow them into America under current regulations but still too high in comparison with other countries’ standards and so Collectible Rarest Coin enthusiasts can rejoice! These issues always carry an extraordinarily large premium over spot prices; therefore approval from our taxman would likely prove impossible anyway (excepting collector’s items).

The French Gold 20 Francs Napoleon coins cannot be a part of your precious metals IRA. This does not mean they lack sufficient utility and collectibility for other forms of retirement accounts though! You are able to easily buy these from international coin dealers doing business both in Europe as well as around the world – no matter where you live or what currency is used, there’s probably an exchange available that will trade with yours (though sometimes at higher rates).