With bitcoin IRAs, you may diversify your retirement account even more. Specialists in digital currency can assist you transfer a portion of your current 401(k) or IRA to a self-directed IRA that holds Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic. For experienced investors, Coin IRA also offers a non-IRA account with larger trading limitations.

Coin IRA Review

Coin IRA is a digital currency IRA provider that offers a comprehensive range of services. With a simple account creation and activation process, the business makes bitcoin IRAs simple. After you’ve funded your account, inform an IRA professional how you wish to trade. Your Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and other virtual currencies are stored in Coin IRA’s wallets of your choice.

Coin IRA is a division of Goldco, a well-known distributor of gold and silver IRAs. Goldco’s experts have overseen the management of thousands of retirement funds using alternative assets. To address the demand for cryptocurrency investments, the company provides its expertise to Coin IRA.

coin ira review


  • There are numerous storage choices.
  • Fees are low.
  • IRA advisors with a lot of experience
  • Weekend hours are available by appointment.


  • There are no costs listed on the website.
  • Only a few cryptocurrencies are listed on the website.

Services for Coin IRAs

Coin IRA makes it simple to set up self-directed IRAs that store cryptocurrency. With a portion of your money, you can diversify your retirement portfolio by opening a bitcoin IRA. You can invest pre-tax dollars in a regular IRA or post-tax dollars in a Roth IRA with a Coin IRA. Gains on either cryptocurrency IRA can grow tax-free.

Coin IRA is the only one of our top cryptocurrency IRA businesses that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies outside of your IRA. Consultants in digital currency make live trades before transferring digital currency to a protected wallet. You can ask any questions you want about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, or any other virtual currency to Coin IRA specialists.

IRA Security with Coins

Because the value of cryptocurrencies fluctuates regularly and there is no U.S. government backing, security is a concern for investors. Coin IRA, on the other hand, takes many precautions to protect the safety of your retirement funds. Coin IRA’s options for constructing a secure strategy will be explained to you by your personal consultant.

IRA Costs in Coins

On its website, Coin IRA does not list any fees. According to an online review, the annual charges of Coin IRA range from $175 to $225. We discovered an annual maintenance fee of $80 and an annual storage price of $100. To get your account set up, you’ll have to spend $50. To get a better idea of the charges, speak with a representative.

The minimum investment in a Coin IRA is $25,000 for a tax-advantaged retirement plan. To trade cryptocurrencies, you’ll need at least $3,500 in a non-IRA cash account.

What is a Coin IRA Account and How Do I Open One?

To speak with an expert about starting a cryptocurrency IRA, call the number listed on the Coin IRA website. You may also acquire a free bitcoin IRA instruction by filling out a form on the website. We, on the other hand, used the form and were required to enter a phone number and an email address. As a result, we received an email informing us that a specialist would contact us and that we would subsequently receive the guide.

coin ira review

Complaints about IRA Coins

The Better Business Bureau has given Coin IRA and its parent firm, Goldco, an A+ rating. Coin IRA is recommended by ConsumerAffairs because it provides free consultations before you invest. Coin IRA receives a four-star rating from Gold IRA Guide, with the caveat that it lacks cost information on its website.

The organization receives a 5-star rating from RetirementInvestments, although the details appear to be outdated. Some reviews mention a good Trustpilot rating, but we couldn’t find one for Coin IRA. Although Goldco has a good Trustpilot rating, this may not always apply to its subsidiary. We couldn’t find any Coin IRA complaints on the internet.

Q&A about the Coin IRA

Is a Coin IRA account subject to the same minimum distribution restrictions as regular IRA accounts?

With Coin IRA, you can’t avoid making necessary minimum distributions. The accounts must adhere to the same rules as the rest of the IRAs.

What factors influence the value of a Coin IRA?

As cryptocurrencies become more extensively used, demand for them will rise. Because the supply of many digital currencies is fixed, the price should rise in tandem with demand. Coin IRA investors can benefit from the gains Coin IRA can bring.

What is the difference between a Coin IRA and a gold IRA?

Cryptocurrency IRAs and gold IRAs can help protect you from inflation and depreciating currencies. Although the value of digital currency and precious metals can fluctuate swiftly, bitcoin has the potential to appreciate as its use grows.

Can I use a rollover to finance a Coin IRA account?

Yes. To fund a digital currency IRA, most investors choose to use an IRA rollover. The rollover is overseen by a Coin IRA professional to guarantee that everything goes properly and that you don’t face any IRS fines.

Is it true that Coin IRA insures cryptocurrency IRA holdings?

Digital assets are insured by custodians. All types of IRAs must be managed by a custodial organization, according to IRS regulations. Coin IRA claims to work with a variety of custodians, so talk to your advisor about your possibilities. Then talk to your chosen custodian about insurance.


Coin IRA connects you to the digital wallets, exchanges, and IRA custodians you’ll need to open an IRA. Experts in cryptocurrency IRAs provide exceptional customer service to help you build that bridge. When it comes to tailoring the security layers that secure your retirement money, Coin IRA outperforms the competition.