Birch Gold Group is a company that provides an investment opportunity for investors. Birch Gold Group offers the ability to invest in gold, silver and platinum with a minimum amount of $5,000. Unlike other precious metals investments, Birch Gold Group does not charge any commissions or fees and only invests in physical products.

Birch Gold Group has been around since 2009 when it was founded by CEO Todd Birch to offer an alternative investment option for those who are looking to diversify their portfolio or create wealth without excessive risk.

This blog post will review this company’s past performance as well as its current status so you can make the best decision on whether or not to invest with them.

Interested in Birch Gold Group reviews? This is the place to be! We’ve done all of the legwork and research for you by compiling a list of ratings, complaints, and scams.

Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group has been ranked in the top 3 precious metals dealers for over five years. One main thing to note is that they specialize in helping customers with Precious Metals IRAs, which makes them stand out among other gold and silver distributors.

Birch Gold Group is a reputable, real company that has no known pending lawsuits. It’s one of the most legitimate companies for buying gold and silver in the business right now with more than 150 positive reviews on Yelp!

For example, on the Better Business Bureau website people have only 8 complaints in the last 3 years. All of which were addressed by this company and closed out with a high degree of satisfaction from their customers. This is because they take time to try solving any problems that come up for them as soon as possible while also making sure it won’t happen again.

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Birch Gold Group Is Legitimate

If you want to help diversify your retirement savings, then look no further than Bitcoin IRA. They have interviewed the top industry thought leaders about their product offerings including both direct cash purchases (with physical delivery) and rolling over eligible tax-deferred retirement plans into a Precious Metals IRA like gold or silver bullion coins.

  • The Traditional, the SEP, the Roth and Simple IRAs
  • The Employer-sponsored 401 (k) and 403 (b)

The Birch Gold Group offers an extensive list of investment opportunities for those looking to diversify and grow their wealth. With a vast selection, you could easily invest in gold bullion coins or rounds with your Bitcoin IRA account through the BitIRA company spinoff! The most recent release is cryptocurrency custody within your Bitcoin IRA or Crypto IRA enabled by top crypto coins by market cap such as BTC, BCH, ETH etc., all available on this platform.

With the recent announcement of their new virtual banking platform, it seems that they are doing everything right to stay on top and keep up with a changing world.

Birch Gold Fees

Gold, cash and other precious metals IRAs are popular for individuals with retirement funds who want to diversify their investments. The fees vary by custodian so we’ll list the most used ones:

Gold is a valuable commodity that many investors use as part of their asset portfolio in order to maintain stability during volatile times. One way gold can be purchased is through an IRA account or 401(k) rollover which has different service charges depending on your financial institution but usually range between $50-$100 per year plus any incidental costs incurred when purchasing physical bullion (gold bars).

  • Only one-time fee of $50 for setup and a $30 for wire transfer
  • Annual fee of $80 for management and $100 for storage

Requirements & Minimum Investment

Birch Gold Group is a trusted IRA provider that will help you invest your money in gold, including both cash and IRAs. Get started with as little as $5,000 for the purchase of one ounce or less by visiting their website today and $10,000 for the IRAs!

Birch Gold On-Going Promotions

Birch Gold Group Is Legitimate
  • No fees on IRAs funded with over $50,000
  • Free shipping for the cash purchases that are over $10,000
  • Up to $10,000 in Free precious metals on qualified purchases

Storage Options for IRA

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to depositing your paycheck. Do you need one closer than the distance between Dallas and Seal Beach? Consider Delaware, Los Angeles, New York City or even Dallas!

  • Delaware Depository
  • Brink’s
  • International Depository Services

Birch Gold Group Reviews & Ratings

Better Business Bureau (BBB) – as of July 14, 2021:

The Birch Gold Group, Inc. has been operating for over a decade now and was accredited in 2011 by the BBB to provide their customers with world-class services. They’ve since opened up 50 branches across the nation as well! Their marketing director is Mr. Andy Klein who’s always looking out for new ways to help you save money on your investments while getting high returns at the same time.

Hoping this wasn’t all that we could offer? Check them out (link) and see what else they have going on too!

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) – as of July 14, 2021

BCA’s rating agency Birch Gold has a AAA (triple-A) rating, the highest available. They also have 5 stars out of 7 reviews with no complaints whatsoever!

  • Chris M. of Alameda is in love with Birch and highly recommends it to everyone he meets as the “Smoothest” transaction ever!
  • Sandra S. is a cautious investor who moves her Roth IRA to gold and silver with Birch Gold’s help, knowing that the metals are stable in times of economic uncertainty. She feels much more secure now about retirement savings thanks to their helpful staff at the store opening near where she lives!
  • Jon E. highly recommends Birch for gold and silver purchases, stating that he had a great experience with them! Says the staff was knowledgeable and friendly. They made it easy for him to understand everything – from transferring funds to actually purchasing his jewelry.
  • Brandon B. can’t get over the level of customer service he received from Birch Gold Group. He writes that they are not only efficient and timely but also very friendly, trustworthy, knowledgeable, helpful in every way possible to make his experience as enjoyable as possible! Brandon is firmly convinced this company will be his favorite for all future investments needs
  • Jim is pleased with the service his representatives provided and noted that they were professional. He would not hesitate to return for future services due to how well he was treated.
  • Mark P., a satisfied customer, is grateful for the excellent service he received from his 401(k) advisor. The rep patiently helped him rollover his retirement funds to gold and silver coins.
Business Consumer Alliance (BCA)

TrustLink – as of July 14, 2021:


Based on 126 reviews, Birch Gold has a full 5-star rating. Comments left by customers range from “Extraordinary job!” to “Exemplary” and there is one 1-star found based on the company agreeing to buy back coins at lower than market price (which is standard practice). They’ve also been named Major Dealer of gold and silver by Newsmax Magazine.

Trustpilot – as of July 14, 2021:


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Consumer Affairs – as of July 14, 2021

Consumer Affairs

Birch Gold has been getting rave reviews from happy customers since it opened its doors in 2004. They have now amassed a whopping 4.8-stars out of 5 rating with 114 verified reviews to date, which is extraordinary considering they’ve only been open for so long! Consumer Affairs moderates every comment and makes sure the new reviewers are real by requiring contact info – but Birch Gold has also done their part to help keep things honest: “We’re very serious about customer service,” says one reviewer who left five stars after receiving excellent care during her pregnancy and delivery.” There’s no better place this pregnant woman would recommend than where she got much needed support!”

Is Birch Gold Group Scam?

We want to make it abundantly clear that Birch Gold Group is a longstanding, reputable company in the business. They have served their customers well and are still one of the most trusted companies out there after all these years, which makes any complaints against them negligible. Some people will always be unhappy with something no matter what happens; this does not mean they were scammed by Birch Gold group as some may believe or falsely claim!

Most of the customer complaints were as follows:

  • Not being upfront with costs and commissions
  • Selling the silver and gold proof sets rather than bullion
  • Sold and gold proof sets sold at inflated value
  • Customer service is too slow to take support calls
  • Rarely honors fair pricing for buying back precious metals

The company has responded within the month to help clarify the concerns of their clients successfully. Every time they have covered any discrepancies and most of the time, inaccuracies in account valuations are due to reports provided by a trust company that is holding an IRA’s assets; “spot value” isn’t necessarily accurate. The customers later acknowledged this misunderstanding after some proof sets were converted into bullion and came back with agreements for all accounts on file at subsequent meetings between both parties.

Our Recommendation


Birch Gold Group has a great track record of working with its customers to ensure their satisfaction. When researching precious metal IRA companies, one should always be wary if insufficient information is available on them and ask for more in depth details before making any commitments- this was not the case here as Birch Gold Group worked diligently towards solving all complaints from our customer without hesitation or delay.

The majority of issues have been resolved, with the customer accepting Birch Gold Groups answer and proposed solution. This proves they put an honest effort into ensuring that clients are satisfied which separates them from other businesses who may do less work than necessary when trying to resolve problems faced by consumers interested in purchasing gold IRAs online (which we were certainly not).

The Birch Gold Group are a trusted company with an excellent product and outstanding customer service. After considering their high ratings across the board on all major consumer rating agencies, it is safe to say these are good reasons to consider giving them your business.

The great thing about this particular group of gold dealers is that they have managed not only 95%+ 5-star reviews but also no scam alerts at all! If you do further research in order for us to solidify our decision we can be sure that when purchasing from the Birch Gold Group you will receive quality products as well as top notch customer care – what more could one ask for?

Birch Gold Group is the answer to your precious metals and IRA needs! They have been in business for nearly 20 years, meaning they know what’s up. And with hundreds of satisfied customers, you’ll want to trust them too.